[LinuxBIOS] 440BX progress.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Dec 4 01:40:47 CET 2006

> Of course, given an OS that can handle non-contiguous ram, there would
> never be a need to anything BUT size the DRB to max size. But that was
> not the case in 1999.

There's no _need_ sure, but the result is pretty nasty: say, a DRB
is set up for 128MB, but the DIMM it covers is only 64MB; then any
access to the "high half" of the DRB aliases to the lower addresses.
Not a problem /an sich/, but it makes certain problems hard to debug.

>> If you use the SPDs properly (or at all!), you really don't have
>> to fall back to tricks like this.
> certain tricks are ok if they simplify assembly.  This was one of them
> in some cases IIRC.

Yeah, I know what you're saying.  But if you don't use assembler code,
please let's not do too many tricks (you can take this argument and
apply it to my code too, promise :-) )


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