[LinuxBIOS] 440BX progress.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Dec 3 00:38:37 CET 2006

>> It looks reasonable.  You want to shift by 3 though, not 23,
>> not 15, so you read from 0x1d0 for writing to the MRS.
> OK, a few questions:
>  * Do I read32() from somewhere for _every_ RAM command or only for  
> MRS?

For every command.  For commands other than "load MRS",
you use address 0.

>  * The v1 code seems to read from the highest RAM address for each DRB
>    register.

You need to do this init sequence for every rank of
memory.  Using each DRB gives you a lot of duplicates,
which can be harmless; it can also give you 0 as the
top-of-rank address (if the first ranks are empty)
which is bad.

> In my case:
>    Get contents of DRB6 (0x8), shift left by 23 as the DRB registers
>    store multiples of 8 MB, so I get my 64 MB. Correct?

Yes.  So you need to address somewhere between the previous
rank top, and this 64MB.  Using the _previous_ rank top as-is
might be best.

rank 0		empty		DRB=0	don't init
rank 1		0..64MB-1	DRB=8	init @ 0 (+0x1d0)
rank 2		64MB..128MB-1	DRB=16	init @ 64MB (+0x1d0)
rank 3		empty		DRB=16	don't init

>    Now; do I read32() from
>      * (8 << 23)
>      * (8 << 23) + 0x1d0
>      * 0x0 + 0x1d0
>      * 0x0 + 0x1d0    AND     (8 << 23) + 0x1d0
>      * 0x0
>      * ???

You init exactly the memory that's there; nothing more,
nothing less.

A useful trick is to temporarily set the DRB registers
such that the one rank under consideration is mapped
to address 0, all the rest disabled; only later set the
full "real" DRB map.  This might or might not make the
code simpler, your choice.

>    Do I read from x for most commands but from (x + 0x1d0) for MRS?
>    Or should I read from (x + 0x1d0) for all commands?

x for most commands.  The 0x1d0 actually is the data sent
to the MRS reg on the memory; it is sent over the address

>    I've tried a lot of variations here, but nothing worked. Maybe some
>    other parts of the code are still broken?

Could be, hard to tell.

> Attached my latest code and a minicom log...

I'll see if I see anything.


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