[LinuxBIOS] Intel 815

Corey Osgood corey_osgood at verizon.net
Sat Dec 2 21:10:02 CET 2006

Just a quick thought regarding this, does anyone know if it would be
possible to (easily) build a bios-savior-like device for such a case as
this? I'm thinking something like this: connect two plcc sockets
together, back to back, sodiering together all the connectors except
chip enable and/or power. then, de-sodier those connectors from the
existing chip. run wires to the motherboard on those lines, and also to
a switch, and then also to the pair of plcc sockets. Then, fit a new
"savior" chip into one of the sockets, and put the other one on top of
the existing chip. Anyone think this would work? would sure save a heck
of a lot of hassle. I haven't looked to see how the actual ioss bios
savior does this yet, but I imagine it's something similar.


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