[LinuxBIOS] SPD as debug channel

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Dec 1 23:15:16 CET 2006

> I am missing something here. If we have enough of PCI up to do
> SPD->USB, I would bet that we have enough of it up to do USB debug? or
> not?

Many systems don't require any PCI to access their I2C controllers.

> LPC is going away on many boards, I understand. I think that we are
> going into a world where we have to figure out usb debug port. I don't
> think that the PCI initial setup for USB debug is going to be
> impossible

It is possible, sure -- *per board*.  Anything generic would
require a huge amount of code (and data).  Not suitable for
early boot.

> All the
> boards I have used lately have a very straightforward path to USB,
> that could be set up in the ROMCC or CAR code.

Yeah.  So someone do it please, let's get some hands-on experience
with this stuff :-)


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