[LinuxBIOS] USB debug device

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Fri Dec 1 02:44:47 CET 2006

Tom Sylla wrote:
>> with a probe like this that slides into the dimm socket:
>> http://www.busboards.com/products/memory/ddrii/ddrii400dc/ddriidc.jpg
>> http://www.busboards.com/products/memory/ddrii/ddrii400dc/index.html
> That one is a little bit out there. That board is probably $10K, and 
> you need a $100K Tek Logic Analyzer to use it. :)
It's just a passive DIMM module with cables for each signal connection 
at the socket. I'm sure it's priced relatively high since it comes with 
coaxial cables for 8GHz timing analysis and was probably assembled by 
highly skilled elves. Someone could fab these however as a 2 sided pcb 
with only the SMBus signals for next to nothing in cost.


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