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The Edk2 project on www.TianoCore.org does not have silicon enabling
code but it does implement UEFI conformant interfaces. It currently
builds under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. So this code may be helpful
to you. It's all BSD license so you can use it how ever you like. 

If you have any EFI questions you can use the mailing lists on
www.TianoCore.org to get answers as a fair number of the people from
United EFI Forum board of directors companies (AMD, AMI, Dell, HP, IBM
Insyde, Intel, Microsoft, & Phoenix Technologies) and others hang out on
these mailing lists. Of course www.UEFI.org lets you get the official
UEFI info and latest versions of the specifications.  

I'm really excited about the future of EFI. The Intel based iMac in my
office is a cool machine and it's really great to see the innovation
Apple has done based on EFI. 

Andrew Fish
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>Subject: Microkernel / Manufacturers
>I am currently involved into the UEFI project.
>I would want to build an Open Source UEFI firmware in the style of
>U-Boot/LinuxBIOS but to boot a microkernel.
>Which manufacturer could I contact to build a firmware ? ( to have the
>specs/datasheets of the hardware)
>If you want to contact me, my mail is
>I will set up a mailing-list, a web server, a wiki and an IRC
>Thank you for your answer,
>Best Regards,
>                   WIll
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