[LinuxBIOS] Geode GX1 system IRQ handling

Jonathan Sturges jsturges at speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 15 23:54:43 CEST 2006

Richard Smith wrote:

>> >
>> > Unless its compressed.
>> >
>> You mean, run getpir against the WinCE BIOS image?  Please clarify what
>> you're saying.
>> I still can't use the WinCE BIOS to boot other OSes, so unless I'm
>> misunderstanding you, I don't think that'll work.
> Exactly.  The $PIR was just a table.  Ron's guessing that if they used
> PIR then its probably just the table hanging out in the ROM in which
> getpir will find it.
> you can also hd (or other hexeditor) the image file and look for
> occurances of $PIR.  There may be more than one so you have to go
> further to verify its a PIR table.

No $PIR in the image.  What's my best "Plan B"?  Options that I'm aware 
of include:
1)  Find a way to enumerate IRQ assignments while booted into WinCE 3.0.
2)  Guess.  :-)  Right now, the only devices I need that are lacking IRQ 
assignments are the USB controller and the NIC.

Question:  how is the kernel getting IRQ assignments for ide0 and the 2 
serial ports?  Without an IRQ table, I have to assume it's assuming 
standard IRQs for those devices.


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