[LinuxBIOS] AMD Turion - AGESA

jf simon jfaslist at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 10 16:43:27 CEST 2006

The company i worked for has designed a card that uses the AMD 
Turion. It uses the PHOENIX Bios.
I am trying to port linuxbios to it. But among other issues, one 
hardware engineer told me to make sure that linuxbios was using 
the latest AGESA code from AMD (from what i understand that code 
changes the CPU processor state, frequency,...)as it seems we had 
trouble in the past getting the right BIOS with the latest AGESA 

How does linuxbios  manage to do the same thing as the agesa code 
(and at what agesa version)? If so what is the file location that 
handles it?

Thanks a lot,
-jf simon


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