[LinuxBIOS] Geode GX1/5530: How to forward SMI to a regular IRQ

ollie ollie at lanl.gov
Tue Aug 8 20:30:39 CEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 20:05 +0200, Juergen Beisert wrote:
> ALSA wants to be informed when a buffer is transmitted to the sound device 
> (and the next begins). Thats on reason. CS5530's master DMA generates an SMI 
> whenever it jumps to the next buffer to transmitt.
> The other reason is, if I do not read back the SMI status registers until a 
> second jump to another block happens the sound hardware stops with a bus 
> error.
> So my answer to your question is: Yes, only to translate the SMI to a DMA 
> completion IRQ.
> There are some registers in this audio hardware to trigger a regular interrupt 
> in software from inside an SMI routine. Maybe this could be a starting point.

Now the problem is you have to write a bunch of code to load and 
initialize your 2 line SMI->IRQ translator. Is VSA source code for
GX2 freely from AMD or not?

BTW, how "native" is your driver? Do you rd/wrmsr all the operations?


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