[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBIOS/flashrom on Asus P2B

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Mon Aug 7 19:55:21 CEST 2006

* Sam Brightman <samghost at mpx.net> [060807 18:43]:
> I was trying to avoid Uniflash because it seemed dated and DOS-ish. 
> Granted I could probably get FreeDOS, but I've also gradually broken all 
> my floppy drives over the years...
>  From what I can tell Uniflash, OpenBIOS and LinuxBIOSv1 have all been 
> abandoned to a greater or lesser extent, yet the knowledge from them 
> hasn't been used anywhere else? Is LinuxBIOSv2 a from-scratch effort?

Uniflash works with everything because it does 16bit calls into the bios
image to enable flash writes. We can't really do that (or: heavily try
to avoid that) in Linux(BIOS)

> think the chip used in this board was supported by /dev/bios, but I'm a 
> bit unsure as to the state/stability of that given the non-activity on 
> OpenBIOS.
I am putting my efforts in the flashrom utility of LinuxBIOS instead and
I want to drop devbios once flashrom handles everything it needs to

Can you try to get devbios work (whether it finds the chip. no flashing

> Is this board fundamentally different from P2B-L? I should probably also 
> mention that we have some pretty groovy-looking equipment at work that I 
> could possibly use if basic reverse engineering is required. 

You may want to look at the asus bios flashing hooks to find out what
they do. Be sure it is legal in your country to analyze foreign code


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