[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBIOS on ASUS P2B-L

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 08:41:42 CEST 2006

> my system :-).  I've attached a patch for this - could you review and
> commit for me?

The diffs look good.  You got the idea.  However......

> I think it may require some svn magic to copy/remove the
> old 440bx directory and files - I'm not sure how well just applying the
> diffs here will work (I'm an svn newbie).

They won't apply. :(  The i8371eb/* files don't exist in the tree so
the patch that modifies them fails.

The reason doesn't appear to be your fault.   Did you use svn move or svn copy?
Reading the svn docs indicates that svn diff does _not_ understand
moves and copys.  That's listed as a post 1.0 feature.
So your diffs remove all the i440bx stuff but don't create the i82371eb files.

The rest of your diffs that modify existing config files are ok.

Looks like I'll have to do the remove of the old files.

I played around with a copy of the tree and here's how I think you
need to create the diffs for this instance.  Stefan? Ron? Do you have
any  suggestions?

1) Copy (filesystem cp not svn copy) your current i82371eb dir to i82371eb.orig
1.1) Look in i82371eb.orig and remove the .svn directory if there is one.
2) svn remove your i82371eb directory.  You may have to use the
--force option if it wines about uncommitted changes.
3) rm -rf your i440bx dir if it exists.
4) svn update.   Now you should be back to what you had before your
changes with an extra i82371eb.orig directory in there
5) mkdir i82371eb
6) cp i82371eb.orig/* i82371eb
7) svn add i82371eb
8) svn diff and send in the patch.

That should generate a diff that adds all the new files and keeps the
mods you made to the other config files.

I will then apply the patch to my local copy and if it all looks good
then I'll do a svn remove on the i440bx dir and commit.

Richard A. Smith

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