[LinuxBIOS] WORK! :) Power button question

Hidasi Jozsef hidi at e-tiger.net
Sun Apr 30 14:43:37 CEST 2006

Hello Ronald,

  I'll answer the questions:
    1. Compiled LinuxBIOS for
         Tyan S2882
         2 Opteron processors
         4GByte RAM
         Integrated VGA
         Integrated Sata Silicon images

       This was the first time I've worked with
       LinuxBIOS so I have to get more knowledge about the
       whole code before to be able to develope it. :)

       I've dumped the VGA BIOS ROM what seems to be
       32kbytes based at 0xc0000 (follows the BIOS of
       the two Promise SATA cards), so I've mentioned
       before somewhy it DIDN'T work!! It DIDN't initialized
       the VGA however the linuxbios wrote that message what
       you said it means everything is OK, but it wasn't!
       After all, I got to be crazy about this, I extracted
       it from the AMI BIOS ROM the extracted ROM was 36kbytes!!
       I don't know where was the lost 4kbytes:) After all, with
       this new ROM Video works fine! The message is till the same.
       (I've moved the VIDEO ROM after the payload of the failback
       BIOS because it got crazy if somebody messes up the normal
       -Some minor modifications in the board config...
    2. SVN Snapshoot on 28th of April
    3. Yes, I do now :))

    So I like linuxbios :) It should be fine if almost the all
    functions would work just like with the original AMI BIOS,
    so I'm not familiar with ACPI, but as I deal with electronics
    too it's not a hopeless thing to me to answer this:)
    The first but minor question is that how can we make the
    power button to work:) The other is what are the requirements
    of PowerNow! to work?

Sunday, April 30, 2006, 5:49:33 AM, you wrote:

> Hidasi Jozsef wrote:
>>  IT WORKS! Thanks for you all! :) Just another low priority question:
>>  is there any way to read the status of the power button? I mean it
>>  somebody pushed it?

> we'll only answer that question if you send us a HOWTO and writeup on
> 1. what you did
> 2. what SVN version
> 3. do you have graphics.

> thanks

> ron

Best regards,
 Hidasi                            mailto:hidi at e-tiger.net
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