[LinuxBIOS] MB1030 / 3036 VGA comes up :D

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Sun Apr 30 05:46:20 CEST 2006

Christian Sühs wrote:
> There is a little question for me,
> is this a normal output?

looks ok to me.

> Why is the run_bios_int called three times?

the interrupt was called three times, I think. run_bios_int IIRC just 
means "this bios int was called, service it".

> Remember, on LB I have three calls, too.
> What is done after these calls.
> It seems that there are no differences between the second and the third 
> one.
> There is a ip (initial point) flag for testbios. Is there someting else 
> for the inTree one.

no, because PCI ROMS dictate the initial IP.

I only added that option years ago when I was still trying to figure out 
how this all worked.

> Is testbios faster with given ip.




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