[LinuxBIOS] Linuxbios Tyan S2882D

Hidasi Jozsef hidi at e-tiger.net
Sat Apr 29 19:25:58 CEST 2006

 Dear List!

 I've compiled the BIOS for Tyan S2882D dual Opteron system, I've
 dumped the original videobios (it has good signature:) but seems the
 BIOS doesn't start it! The other problem is that when I load a kernel
 the system simply restarts no output at all. May the absense of the
 videobios cause this? My last message is "Jumping to the entry point"
 The kernel works fine with the original AMI :( BIOS! The FILO and
 Etherboot (via network) also does the same! Does anybody have a good
 linuxbios config for this motherboard? a working binary is welcome
 too :) I would like to find the problem, but it would be to use
 failback code instead of flashing the whole chip once and once:)

Best regards,
 Hidasi                          mailto:hidi at e-tiger.net
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