[LinuxBIOS] MB1030 / 3036 VGA comes up :D

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Thu Apr 27 18:03:57 CEST 2006

> rom address for PCI: 00:09.0 = fffc0000
> copying VGA ROM Image from 0xfffc0000 to 0xc0000, 0x8000 bytes
> int10 vector at c41b4

Screen comes up from standby with no output

> int10 vector at c41b4

Sreen flickers two times in about 30 sec

> int10 vector at c41b4

It seems after that, the console is switched on quick,

> halt_sys: file /root/src/LinuxBIOSv2/src/devices/emulator/x86emu/ops.c, line 4387
> halted								// But it starts

I think, i should enable again the debug, because in the first try, as I 
say system hangs, I havn't wait long enough ;)


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