[LinuxBIOS] Kernel crash output: Memtest86+ output

Eric Poulsen eric at zyxod.com
Thu Apr 27 07:20:59 CEST 2006

Ack, you're right -- was thinking ROM, but typed CMOS.  Well, makes my 
RAM tests pointless under LB.  I don't think it's a HW RAM problem, as 
it tested just fine under factory BIOS.

Richard Smith wrote:

>> LinuxBIOS + filo
>> Errors from C0000 to EFEFC
>> Walltime Cached  RsvdMem MemMap    Cache ECC Test
>>           224M        0  LinuxBIOS on    off std
>> Obviously, memtest86 isn't skipping the cmos -- I managed to pause it just
>>as it hit C000, and looked at the error result -- AA 55 was in there.  It's
>>reading the cmos, and failing to test it, as it should.
>That range is not CMOS.  CMOS is 128 bytes and you access it via
>portIO.  Memtest86 never hits CMOS.  Those are your legacy video bios
>and other shadow area ranges.  Depending on how they are enabled by
>your setup code they may not be writeable.
>Doubtfull its a problem though as Linux won't use those area for RAM.
>Richard A. Smith

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