[LinuxBIOS] MB1030 / 3036 I like 13 :D

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 17:44:40 CEST 2006

On 4/25/06, Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> wrote:

> great. Thinking about it, I don't think the parser is smart enough to
> catch that. Goodness, that's Parsing 101 and I missed it!
> We had a project here to replace the config tool with Kconfig, but it
> did not work out -- our needs are more complex that Kconfig could
> accomodate. But fixing up the config parser is on the list.
> At a minimum, however, if somebody had a .emacs for the config language
> even that would help ...

.emacs.. yuck. I might try something that works in vi though.  Is
there any really up to date documentation on the keyworks and
structure of the PCI list other than the code?  Its not obvious
sometimes what keywords need an end statement and which don't.

And there are obviously several wrong examples.

Richard A. Smith

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