[LinuxBIOS] Extraction of vga bios from .BIN file?

Borg No. One borg_no.one at gmx.net
Mon Apr 24 19:00:29 CEST 2006


The VIA EPIA BIOS is an Award/Phoenix Award BIOS, so it contains lh5/lha
compressed modules.
With a hex editor and/or lha/lh5 unpacker you can extract the VGABIOS from
the VIA EPIA BIOS file.

Using "CBROM"/"CBROM32"/"Award BIOS Editor"/..., you can see that the BIOS
file contains following BIOS modules:

CBROM32 V1.45 [08/03/04 Release] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2004

              ******** i0100113.bin BIOS component ********

 No. Item-Name         Original-Size   Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
  0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)  12B3Fh(74.81K)  i0100113.BIN
  1. XGROUP CODE       0ACE0h(43.22K)   079D2h(30.46K)  awardext.rom
  2. ACPI table        030B9h(12.18K)   01408h(5.01K)   ACPITBL.BIN
  3. EPA LOGO          0168Ch(5.64K)    002AAh(0.67K)   AwardBmp.bmp
  4. GROUP ROM[ 0]     054D0h(21.20K)   025DEh(9.47K)   _EN_CODE.BIN
  5. YGROUP ROM        04AA0h(18.66K)   031DFh(12.47K)  awardeyt.rom
  6. LOGO BitMap       4B30Ch(300.76K)  02ECBh(11.70K)  vpsd.bmp
  7. VGA ROM[1]        0FA00h(62.50K)   0947Ah(37.12K)  MVPSD_15.rom
  8. PCI ROM[A]        0A000h(40.00K)   05FF2h(23.99K)  pxe.lom

  Total compress code space  = 35000h(212.00K)
  Total compressed code size = 336B7h(205.68K)
  Remain compress code space = 01949h(6.32K)

                          ** Micro Code Information **
Update ID  CPUID|  Update ID  CPUID|  Update ID  CPUID|  Update ID  CPUID
SLOT1  13   0630|

If you should use "CBROM", then just use following command to extract the

"CBROM i0100113.bin /VGA extract"

... the VIA EPIA has a nice BIOS logo. ;)


> I've downloaded the 1.13 version of the Epia Via BIOS, which should 
> solve my VGA issues.  Thing is, I can't seem to find a valid VGA BIOS 
> within this file -- Is there a magic trick to extracting this?
> Bios file:
> http://www.via.com.tw/download/mainboards/1/0/i0100113.bin

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