[LinuxBIOS] PCI max buses patch

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Sun Apr 23 22:43:23 CEST 2006

Richard Smith wrote:
>>I see the right way to do this is to make the default behaviour the
>>'guaranteed no break boards' behaviour. That means default value is to
>>scan all busses. For those who need/want it set lower, they can know
>>where the config option is.
> Ok. I'll change the default to be 255 and commit.
>>But we sure oculd use an addiiton to the wiki that explains stuff like this.
> Any ideas on a section title and how we would lay it out?  There is
> already the linuxBIOS options but its largly incomprehensible to a
> newbe.
> There is a disconnect between the lasting info that gets on the wiki
> and all the discussion on the mailing list.  We need some method to
> catagorize all the discussions on the list into something searchable
> by mailboard or perhaps chipset.
> --
> Richard A. Smith

I'd say a preprocessor of some sort that can take the Options.lb and 
produce latex. Furthermore, we can add "hints" to Options.lb such as 
"you can set the MAX PCI to 5 if you are sure there are no higher 
devices" or some such.

But documents derived from source is probably all we can expect, given 
our time limits.


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