[LinuxBIOS] New Target for LinuxBios MB1030 / 3036 Success!!!???

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 17:50:40 CEST 2006

Crap.. Forgot to reply to all....

> This allocated vga resource is part of the cs5530. This chip has an
> included vga engine, which is not used for the board. Normally disabled
> by Config.lb, but the PCI_RUN bring up that item.

Ah well thats a problem.  So the on board CS5530 VGA is device 12 and
the Cyberpro 5000 is device 9?

I don't have my PCI book handy but IIRC you have to use the highest
number for guessing which is the primary display to enable the legacy
IO ranges.  Which is not the the chip you want.

You said you were using the the eaglelion/5bcm config.lb config file
right?  I looked at it and I see:

       device pci 12.1 off end         # SMI
       device pci 12.2 on  end         # IDE
       device pci 12.3 off end         # Audio
       device pci 12.4 off end         # VGA

Group question:

If so then why does is the vga IO enabled?  Is  the PCI resource
allocator for VGA supposed to use this config?

Richard A. Smith

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