[LinuxBIOS] New Target for LinuxBios MB1030 / 3036

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Sun Apr 23 10:57:14 CEST 2006

> Sorry. My bad.  I forget about the lingo sometimes.
> post or rather POST.  Power On Self Test.  The video bios people call
> a card that has been initialized by the BIOS 'posted.'   Probally
> because it happens during the BIOS which used to be much more of a
> POST.  Nowdays BIOS is a whole different beast but the 'posting' term
> remained.
> posted = initialized.


now I have done a few tests with a extra vga card.
There a no settings in the factory bios for that case. If I remember 
right, than they are hidden. I have had a look long time ago with 
awardbin on the orginal bios.bin.

However, the system detects the card first and posted them ;)
What should I do? How can I disable the posted card correctly.

Look at the attachment. With command=0 it is possible to unset the IO 
and Mem from + to - but I think that is not enough. VGA is still running.

If I try to run testbios after set IO/MEM to -  the result is nearly the 
same as I boot with LB.

If I run testbios without unsetting the IO Range, the output is very 
different from all others. There are a few more calls. I will attach 
this output later, because after those experiments I have to do my best 
to restart the system :D

Unfortanetly I know nothing about PCI Registers and commands


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> Richard A. Smith

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