[LinuxBIOS] New Target for LinuxBios MB1030 / 3036

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Fri Apr 21 18:47:41 CEST 2006

Stefan Reinauer schrieb:
> * Christian Sühs <chris at suehsi.de> [060421 15:27]:
>>>PCI: 00:13.0 init
>>>Devices initialized
>>>Copying IRQ routing tables to 0xf0000...done.
>>>Verifing copy of IRQ routing tables at 0xf0000...failed
>>What could be a reason for that?
> CONFIG_COMPRESS is enabled. PIRQ tables are obsolete when you use ACPI,
> so if possible, go ACPI.
Jup ;)

but now it works :D
I don't know, what I have made wrong or what I have changed. It seems 
that false filo settings have made the trouble.

However, the board starts with eaglelion/5bcm target.

Ok, now I need the best way to get vga working. Any ideas?
There is a Cyberpro 5000 on the board, normaly the vgabios is included 
in the factory bios. I think the chip is on the pci bus.
Could I try the emulator to load the vgabios?


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