[LinuxBIOS] Old Tyan "Tsunami" S1846 board?

Scott Leffel sleff1970 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 16:12:07 CEST 2006

I realize that the S1846 is quite an "antique" and it would seem support for it was dropped during the LinuxBIOS 2.0 development phase.  Code support seems to be in "FreeBIOS Devel. v1.0 Base0.tar.bz2" which I have archived; I can see from old lanl.gov mailing list archives I googled where Ron Minnich merged hcyun's changes into the source tree on 28 Sept. 2001 (yes, that how ancient this is!).

What's unclear to me is what version of the kernel source code might have ever worked with FreeBIOS when it supported the S1846 there for awhile under v1.0.  I know the 2Mbit flash is too small for a kernel (that same message thread was in relation to an Etherboot payload originally), but I know a matching kernel source will be important nonetheless.  Could I probably get away with trying 2.2.19 or 2.4.10, since they are dated closest to the time S1846 was merged into FreeBIOS v1.0 back in Sept. 2001?  Or does anyone here (perhaps Yinghai Lu, who seems to have an excellent memory for all the Tyan board matters!) remember what kernel source version would have worked?

I've scoured all our spare & decomissioned systems here, trying to find something more modern that's been on the supported list at some point, but unfortunately this board seems to be all we've got.  I'd like to be able to lab this out, which might convince folks to buy some newer Tyan's for this purpose, but for now I'd greatly appreciate anything the community can render in terms of advice.

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