[LinuxBIOS] some more tyan/s2881 questions

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Fri Apr 21 01:11:27 CEST 2006

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 04:00:27PM -0700, Lu, Yinghai wrote:
> 1. need to add acpi support in s2881 LinuxBIOS support to get it.
> Anyway 8111 acpi support is already there in Serengeti_leopard, so it
> will be easy to get that.

So.... if there is no ACPI support yet for this board in LinuxBIOS, does that
mean that there is no automatic fan control in hardware? In other words, that
the CPUs will cook if they get too hot, because the fans won't start blowing
harder automatically?

As a point of interest, somewhere in the process of upgrading this box to
LinuxBIOS, the fans got stuck at maximum speed (which is pretty loud). I'm
not sure where it happened, but in any case booting with the proprietary bios
didn't change a thing - they were still stuck at 17K RPM. 

I've now figured out how to monitor and set fan speed through lm_sensors, but
I want to know if I need to run fancontrold (daemon that keeps an eye on cpu
temperature and adjusts fan speed as necessary) to prevent hardware


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