[LinuxBIOS] Development Utility idea

Justin Hawkeye hawkeyeaz1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 20:16:51 CEST 2006

Client boots, loads consisting of a tiny Linux Kernel and network driver,
and a script or program [Non-NVRAM setup]
Client listens for predefined broadcast from Emu(server)
When found, Kernel contacts Emu and establishes connection
Emu starts logging all activity
Kernel reads local bios to Emu [Non-NVRAM setup]
Emu executes received bios (emulated), directing all output to Kernel
Kernel directs/passes received output to hardware, directs/passes hardware
results to Emu
Assuming the Kernel does not get overwritten or lose control of system
(crash), we now have a log of all neccesary and expected results of that
bios on boot on that hardware. This would allow reverse engineering bioses
and developing bioses for hardware legally?

A) Emu<->network<->Kernel       OR     B) ROM Image->Emu<->network<->Kernel

If the above ascii depiction is off, bios is above kernel is above

Also, as in B) Client can be burned to Flash NVRAM, and ROM images can be
fed through Emu to Kernel (Bios)
One possibility for A) is loading Client via PXE/bootp/Network boot.
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