[LinuxBIOS] Via Epia ML5000, LinuxBios, Filo -- 99 % there, need help with last 1%!

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Wed Apr 19 01:10:07 CEST 2006

Hi Eric,

> I've gotten LinuxBIOS working without much of a hitch, but I'm trying to get
> the VGA console working.  I've been looking through the email archives without
> much success, then I found this page:


> device pci 9.0 on # PCI
> Is PCI 9.0 the correct value for the Via Epia-M onboard CLE266 video?  Is there
> a way to find out, such as lspci?
Can you send a LinuxBIOS boot log to the list? So someone with a working Epia
can compare this.

> What about the "rom_address" field -- Can someone explain what this is, and how
> to set it properly?

It's the physical address to the gfx bios image. If you want LinuxBIOS
to initialize VGA, you need to grad this rom image from a legacy bios
and pack it in front of the LinuxBIOS image.


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