[LinuxBIOS] compile problems s2881

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Fri Apr 14 23:57:56 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I just checked out a clean s2881 tree (2254), and built it.

Along the way, I had to make a few changes to make it compile.

1. in targets/tyan/s2881/s2881/config.py, my machine required:
- a '#!/usr/bin/env python' line at the start of the file
- the file to be executable

2. compilation then failed as follows:
# make
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tyan/s2881/s2881/config.py", line 1541, in ?
    from yappsrt import *
ImportError: No module named yappsrt
make: *** [Makefile.settings] Error 1

I had to copy the yappsrt.py file from util/newconfig to the tyan/s2881/s2881
directory, and then everything worked fine.

Note that I only saw those problems with a freshly checked out tree. Once
I compiled successfully just once, I could erase tyan/s2881/s2881, redo the
buildtarget step, and make would work just fine in tyan/2881/s2881 without
these modifications.

Not sure what's causing this - my solution is clearly just a workaround. Any
ideas for a fix? I've observed these issues on a Debian testing/unstable
system, as well as an Ubuntu Breezy one.


Ward Vandewege <ward at fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation - Senior System Administrator

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