[LinuxBIOS] flash_rom on Nvidia CK804

Scott Leffel sleff1970 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 18:20:42 CEST 2006

When this thread began the other day, I know mention was made of the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe board.  Since (I think) the focus of this discussion has been on making sure it's safe to flash an Asus image back onto the board, I wanted to make sure the inference I'm drawing is correct, namely that this board in fact supports a working build of LinuxBIOS v2.0?  One of my main systems is based on that board, and since I've been wanting to dabble in LinuxBIOS for a long time (but, alas, haven't had any supported hardware) I thought this sounded like a good opening.  Is CK804 some barely published term for the nForce4 'southbridge'?  When I've searched nVidia's own site for the keyword CK804 it's always come up with nothing, so I had no idea that might have been referring to my own chip(set) all along.

If this does successfully build, and safely burn to flash, does anybody know if the 4Mib is sufficient for a useful kernel, or would I need to use an EtherBoot payload?

Hopefully this isn't too risky; my only other faintly promising prospect - in terms of a board that was ever on the supported hardware list - is with an OLD Tyan "Tsunami" S1846 board!  That was merged into FreeBIOS v1.0, oh, it looks like sometime several years ago, and has since been seemingly dumped.  Doh!

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