[LinuxBIOS] Is this system supported? SUN FIRE X4100

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Apr 11 19:27:27 CEST 2006

* Duncan Laurie <dlaurie at google.com> [060411 18:31]:
> This one is different; considerably more invasive but useful.
> It does not care what (if anything) is currently loaded in the
> system bios flash and will read and write directly via the LPC
> bus.  Since LPC is no good at sharing this requires the system
> to be held in reset to guarantee it is idle or all sorts of
> strange things will happen.
Nice! Keeping the system in reset is nothing evil, as a system with a
corrupted bios won't do much anyways :)

> The downside is you cannot do a BIOS upgrade via the SP through
> an in-band method since you would lose communiation. (tricks could
> be done to load the image first and flash later but then you lose
> notification of failures, etc etc)  It is still possible to do
> a direct BIOS flash on the system with the right (DOS) tool.

or probably with the LinuxBIOS flashrom utility. 


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