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Mon Apr 10 16:33:30 CEST 2006

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 05:56:07PM -0600, Ronald G Minnich wrote:
> Ward Vandewege wrote:
> > So that did not help. I'm going to try your next suggestion now.
> This still sounds like memory to me. OH, wait ....
> can you time the time until it crashes. I had a problem once with a 
> watchdog timer. Can you see if it's always the same amount of time.

Assuming you mean from poweron to crash, right?

I've done some tests. I can let it sit for minutes on the etherboot 'Boot
from (N)etwork (D)isk or (Q)uit?' prompt. From the moment it starts FILO's
default kernel, it doesn't last much longer than 11 to 14 seconds. I have 2
datapoints with almost 14 seconds, one with just over 13 seconds and 2 with
just over 11 seconds. Of course these measurements are not very precise since
I had to push the timer buttons manually.

T 000:00:13.248
T 000:00:11.328
T 000:00:11.532
T 000:00:13.864
T 000:00:13.715

The biggest part of that time is spent right after it prints 

  ACPI: Unable to locate RSDP

There is no output for easily 5-6 seconds after printing this.

> I doubt this is it, but you never know.

What do you think, watchdog timer or not? I've attached another (longer)
bootlog with many boot attempts.


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