[LinuxBIOS] bus 0 dev 0 and fidvid change

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Tue Apr 4 18:17:12 CEST 2006

so what exactly does this do? It sets the position of an 8131 on a given
bus? Does this work for all 8131 in a system? What about the 8111?

And that 0 value - is that a special case? What is the connection to the
other functionality? Does that mean there is only an 8111 and no 8131?

Possible values: 0, 1, 6 ? Others?

> 	Default is 0x20 --- mean do not use that, if it is 0, the
> amd8111 will be dev0

do not use what? so i read:
- HT_CHAIN_END_UNITID_BASE == 0x20: 8111 on bus 1
- HT_CHAIN_END_UNITID_BASE == 0x00: 8111 on bus 0

why end unitid base? how is the correlation to HT_CHAIN_UNITID_BASE?

Possible values: 0, 32 ? Others?

YH: A) 8131/8111
	So 8131 will start from 0x10, and 8111 will start from 0x06
    B) ck804 only
	So ck804 will start from 0x00.

> 	Default is 1, so if HT_CHAIN_UNITID_BASE!=1, will only offset
> unitid of SB CHAIN.
Possible values: 0, 1? Others?

What does that mean? Why would I only want to offset the unitid of the
SB? SB Chain? Does it change the meaning of HT_CHAIN_UNITID_BASE?


> 	Deault is 0, if it is 1, will put sb chain on bus 0, even for
> S2885 sb ht is on link2, it will put on bus0.
does this require an 8111 southbrigde?

YH: any SB chain

> K8_SET_FIDVID in cache_as_ram_auto.c or auto.c

> Fidvid change to sync the fid on 4 way or more system with different
> installed....

I thought SMP systems need identical CPUs installed, according to AMD
BKDG? Is this option dangerous? Does it downclock faster CPUs to work
sanely in SMP context?

YH: A) using different CPU 
    B) some MB can not use at MAX fid....

> Put following sequence in your cache_as_ram_auto.c after ht is set.
> enable_fid_change();
> enable_fid_change_on_sb();
> init_fidvid_bsp(bsp_apicid);

This is only needed if I want to use different CPUs?

> please check init_cpus.c and fidvid.c and amd8111_early_ctrl.c for
> detail....


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