[LinuxBIOS] Advantech SOM GX5333 commited

jardel at lesc.ufc.br jardel at lesc.ufc.br
Sat Apr 1 18:24:14 CEST 2006


What about vsa legal questions ?
Are you using the source code available from insyde site ?
Has amd licensed VSA under GPL ?



>> I just committed the support for the the SOM-2354 CPU board running on
>> a SOM-DB2301 base board.
>> MSR 20000018 was from the rumba setup which didn't work on this board.
>>  Current value was ripped from how XpressROM set it.  Other than that
>> all I had to change was the superIO.
> I have better version of programming MSR 20000018 around. I will try
> to commit it next week. Does your board have SPD?
>> The unit boots jumps to linubios and looks for the vsabin which it
>> can't find since its not there.
>> What's next?
> Put your VSAINIT.BIN+SYSMGR.BIN at the bottom of your flash (like what
> we did with VGA BIOS). Point the address where vsmsetup want to look
> for VSM to the bottom of your flash. It sould be able to find the
> vsa. BTW, the code on the current SVN has some serious bug (forget to
> call setup_realmode_idt() before vsmsetup()) so it will crash soon
> after jump into VSA. I will commit it fix next week.
> I think there are still one or two MSR we have to program and probably
> we need big real mode instead of the real mode for VSA to work. I will
> dig into it more with the JTAG debugger later.
>> I have also made a little bit of progress on compiling the VSA.
>> OpenWatcom has a 16-bit compiler and I've been hacking the makefile(s)
>> to get it to work.  OWC has a cl compability mode but IFAICT its 32bit
>> only.  I've attemped to translate the switches.
>> I'm currently at the point of trying to figure out how to feed the OWC
>> linker all the object files.
> Did you try to find on MSVC on ebay? BTW, by googleing the net
> I found some VC/MASM are freely avaliable through MSDN. Do you
> want to try it too?
> Ollie
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