[LinuxBIOS] Advantech SOM GX5333 commited

Li-Ta Lo ollie at lanl.gov
Sat Apr 1 16:45:44 CEST 2006

> I just committed the support for the the SOM-2354 CPU board running on
> a SOM-DB2301 base board.
> MSR 20000018 was from the rumba setup which didn't work on this board.
>  Current value was ripped from how XpressROM set it.  Other than that
> all I had to change was the superIO.

I have better version of programming MSR 20000018 around. I will try
to commit it next week. Does your board have SPD?

> The unit boots jumps to linubios and looks for the vsabin which it
> can't find since its not there.
> What's next?

Put your VSAINIT.BIN+SYSMGR.BIN at the bottom of your flash (like what
we did with VGA BIOS). Point the address where vsmsetup want to look
for VSM to the bottom of your flash. It sould be able to find the
vsa. BTW, the code on the current SVN has some serious bug (forget to
call setup_realmode_idt() before vsmsetup()) so it will crash soon
after jump into VSA. I will commit it fix next week.

I think there are still one or two MSR we have to program and probably
we need big real mode instead of the real mode for VSA to work. I will
dig into it more with the JTAG debugger later.

> I have also made a little bit of progress on compiling the VSA.
> OpenWatcom has a 16-bit compiler and I've been hacking the makefile(s)
> to get it to work.  OWC has a cl compability mode but IFAICT its 32bit
> only.  I've attemped to translate the switches.
> I'm currently at the point of trying to figure out how to feed the OWC
> linker all the object files.

Did you try to find on MSVC on ebay? BTW, by googleing the net
I found some VC/MASM are freely avaliable through MSDN. Do you
want to try it too?


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