[LinuxBIOS] Linux BIOS support for SuperMicro p8sci motherboard

Jason Schildt jschildt at lnxi.com
Wed Sep 28 19:59:34 CEST 2005


We did some Supermicro MB ports with Xeon cpus a while back, but those
had the E7500 and E7501 chipsets.  I looked back at our old repository
and there's nothing for the E7221 that I could find.  Do you need _that_
board specifically, our would one of the others work for you.  The
boards that we ported are the X5DPR,(X5DP8 I think), P4DPR-igm, and the P4DPE.

However, most of those boards have probably been end-of-life'd, so good
luck finding one.


On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 03:40:37PM -0700, shawn fang wrote:
> Hi,
> Does any know if LinuxBIOS can support SuperMicro p8sci motherboard?
> Here is the url to motherboard:
> http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/P4/E7221/P8SCi.cfm
> The BIOS is hosted in socketed PLCC chip.
> thanks,
> -xun
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