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Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Tue Sep 27 23:56:13 CEST 2005

Here is the sched. Notice a few things. We have left a lot of time for 
discussion in important areas. We need discussion leaders in:

o user friendly -- how do we make this nice for users -- they can't use
	boot cds! How do we make linuxbios useful for the desktop?
	How can we make it more useful for other types of users --
	e.g. embedded? What works for users? what doesn't?

o user interface
	Should it be open firmware, a la sparc and apple?
	bash? efi shell? what should it be?
	How should people interact with linuxbios?

o developer friendly -- how do we make linuxbios easier for developers
	what makes it hard right now? How can we improve it?
	what is the biggest change you'd like to see?

o development model
	do we need a Linux-like code vetting and approval process?
	how do we manage patches? Who will the gatekeepers be?
	how do we ensure that the code base stays pure?
	We need ideas.

o developer friendly II (more discussion)
	fuse the previous two sessions and try to find the right ideas.

o device object model, table gen
	What are we going to do about:
	EFI tables
	openbios strings
	What (if anything) needs to change in the current device model
	to make this all work?

o automatic build and test
	automatic build is possible, but test? how can we do that?
	can people contribute systems at their site so that, when
	a new version comes out, we can make sure it is tested?
	How far can we automate the process of verifying a new release
	of linuxbios?
	Can industry help with this? OSDL?

o programmer's manual
	How can we create a manual for new programmers?

o vendor friendly
	What are effective and ineffective ways to work with vendors?
	what's the value proposition for vendors?
	How can we interest more vendors in linuxbios? What's missing?

o efi strategy
	How do we address systems such as EFI? Can we, for example,
	find a way to run EFI modules under openbios or Linux?

o N-party NDA (or NDAs in general)
	How do we address the issues raised by 3-, 4-, and more-way

What I'd like is people to nominate themselves to lead a discussion. 
Optionally, several people can nominate themselves and we'll form 
panels, where people put forth a position (5 mins) and then we have 
discussion on those ideas.

So, we're looking for YOU. Please volunteer. We've come a long way, but 
there's more work to be done. You can make the difference.


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