[LinuxBIOS] Executing Real-Mode Binaries

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 21:57:07 CEST 2005

>  This initial task doesnt look *that* difficult.. I'm thinking I'll just get
> the blob to link in at the segment it needs to run at (e000 segment), and
> write an asm
>  wrapper for it which drops to big real mode, calls the blob, then pops back
> into pmode.

Ah ok.  I think others have done similar stuff.  Perhpas some of them
will pipe up.

>  In the long run, I think perhaps some kind of generic 16 bit 'callout'
> mechanism may be required for early call blobs and whatnot (perhaps even
> later.. option roms (gak)).

We already have this.  Its the x86 emu code.  You are comming in a
little late in the game but the only way to do this and maintain
cross-platform compability was to run the code under an emulator.

Its in the V2 codebase and is used to POST many vga cards and some
SCSI card option roms.

You may wan't to go look at that and see if it fits your needs. 
Actually in fact I would ask you to go look at that and if it dosen't
fit your needs please tell us why.

Richard A. Smith

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