[LinuxBIOS] chip vs device and enable / init explanation request

Doug Bell nxtv3 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 22 19:51:43 CEST 2005

Can someone explain the usage of chip & device
keywords in the mainboard Config file?

Also can someone explain the invocation of
__pci_driver ops like pci_dev_enable_resources? 

How should these ( and pci_domain ) be structured,
i.e. would one list each chip (with its pci devices)
and a corresponding 'end' statement ? It appears we
have northbridge as the highest level (chip) block
with everything inside, including chips such as CPU.
However, I get multiple initialization of my

Also, how are these related to the chip_operations
.enable_dev functions, and device_operations functions
such as .init?

We have made much progress on the Via EPIA-SP but
these are some of the lingering questions. Doug

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