[LinuxBIOS] BIOS Saver discontinued

Hamish Guthrie hamish at prodigi.ch
Fri Sep 16 15:36:30 CEST 2005

There is a large mall in Taipei somewhere (my Taiwanese friend knows 
where), and I went there to have a look around and I just happend to see 
these adapters, and I was blown away by their prices - if I remember 
correctly, the PLCC->DIL adapter was about US$5 and the DIL->ZIF PLCC 
was about $12 - I also picked up about 6 regular DIL32 ZIF sockets for 
$3 each. I had previously bought these sort of things from emulation and 
the like, and as you say, their prices are crazy. I have sent an e-mail 
to my friend in Taipei, and will see what he comes back with.

Richard Smith wrote:
>>and that has a special ZIF PLCC socket. I can try to see if a friend of
>>mine in Taipei can find more of these - I recall paying just a few
>>dollars for both adapters, and they have proved invaluable.
> Just a couple of dollars?  Wow!  Thats awesome. emulation.com normally
> has stuff like that for a hundred plus dollars.   If you find some
> I'll buy a few.

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