[LinuxBIOS] BIOS Saver discontinued

Jeff Carr jcarr at linuxmachines.com
Wed Sep 14 21:52:20 CEST 2005

On 09/14/2005 12:21 PM, Steve Gehlbach wrote:
>> Perhaps there are enough engineers and
>> interest that we could cleverly design such a device (or something else
>> ingenious) and have a bunch of them made?
> The best solution I have found is a hole in the board, so you can poke
> it out.  I put one in all of the boards I design, but I have never seen
> one on a motherboard.  All of the pullers I have used eventually bend
> pins.  Have you tried dental flloss? It works pretty well, but you need
> a puller to get the first one out.

Ok, ok -- I'll listen to the masses and follow this method. :)

Still, I'd rather make an adapter. I've been told that production
motherboard PLCC adapters are usally only rated for about 10 insertions.
An adapter must be manufactured I think. Perhaps someone has some
experience with plastic mold injection adapter design & fabrication.


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