[LinuxBIOS] Section Overlaps & Offset miscalculation

Stephen.Kimball at bench.com Stephen.Kimball at bench.com
Tue Sep 13 17:28:15 CEST 2005

What motherboard are you using?

The first thing to check is the ROMSTRAP table.

The CK804 may not allow the board to come out of reset if the ROMSTRAP
is not in the proper location.

I think it's at 0xFFFFFFE0 defined in ids.inc and it points to
"2BIGDOGS" or 0x2B16D065.





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I'm currently trying to build a ck804 based amd bios and am having the
following issue:

/usr/bin/ld: section .reset [fffdfff0 -> fffdffff] overlaps section .rom
[fffd858b -> fffe263f]

When i increase 'ROM_IMAGE_SIZE' from 0x10000 to 0x20000 the problem
goes away, however it looks like the offsets are being incorrectly
(the reset vector jump goes off into la-la land).

Any ideas?..


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