[LinuxBIOS] Via MII BIOS help, can pay!

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Tue Sep 13 01:59:53 CEST 2005

First and foremost.  The MII and the M are the same.  Use the epia-m for 
your base compile.  Last time I checked the M/MII was not running.  
About a year back the code runs just fine.  If this is a must have, just 
grab one of the old tree's.  Stay away from www.esupport.com.
Via's fast boot can boot from the CF.  You may want to look, into that. 

Boot time.  How fast can you get the system booted.  So from power until 
full GUI?

pj at cassens.com wrote:

>Hello, all! Before messing with my Via MII BIOS, I google'd my heart out and did not find any real specific info. I found many other peeps in the same boat as I am; I need CF boot for this VERY cool MB!
>In fact, I have committed to already buying qty 130 of them and will buy another qty 130 on my way to a total nearing 900 if I'm lucky. I won't bore you with the project details, But I will say that they are vehicle mounted PC's running Linux (of course). That's all well and good, but we are spending a fair amount on IDE-CF adapters and cables (times qty) AND we have to take the PC apart to put on a new boot image.
>So, part of the openbios docs indicate that "targets/via/epia-mii" exists for this board. It does not. I am trying to learn as quickly as possible about what I can do with openbios. I am willing to pay for some excelerated work/help in order to help my own cause. The payment could be money to a person or group or in hardware (to make sure it all works of course). I don't know how much is fair. I do know that http://www.esupport.com/ bios guys might be able to do it. That would suck, however... 1. enigineering cost fo $1000+++, 2. not opensource, 3. still have per bios cost nearing IDE-CF adapter cost...
>So, anyone interested?

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