[LinuxBIOS] Via MII BIOS help, can pay!

pj at cassens.com pj at cassens.com
Mon Sep 12 22:40:04 CEST 2005

Hello, all! Before messing with my Via MII BIOS, I google'd my heart out and did not find any real specific info. I found many other peeps in the same boat as I am; I need CF boot for this VERY cool MB!

In fact, I have committed to already buying qty 130 of them and will buy another qty 130 on my way to a total nearing 900 if I'm lucky. I won't bore you with the project details, But I will say that they are vehicle mounted PC's running Linux (of course). That's all well and good, but we are spending a fair amount on IDE-CF adapters and cables (times qty) AND we have to take the PC apart to put on a new boot image.

So, part of the openbios docs indicate that "targets/via/epia-mii" exists for this board. It does not. I am trying to learn as quickly as possible about what I can do with openbios. I am willing to pay for some excelerated work/help in order to help my own cause. The payment could be money to a person or group or in hardware (to make sure it all works of course). I don't know how much is fair. I do know that http://www.esupport.com/ bios guys might be able to do it. That would suck, however... 1. enigineering cost fo $1000+++, 2. not opensource, 3. still have per bios cost nearing IDE-CF adapter cost...

So, anyone interested?

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