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On 9/8/05, Narahari, Narasimhaiah (IE10)
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> Hi everyone, 
> I have a small question to ask, 
> I am trying to boot windows 2000 on SC2200 Geode based board. I have
> downloaded Linuxbiosv1 from the cvs repository. And my doubt is, 
> What are the requirements other than generating VGABIOS and TESTBIOS (i386
> emulation) for bringing up VGA on Linuxbiosv1? 

Lots.  VGA is troublesome in V1.

First off you have to decide what method you are going to use other
than running testbios directly on the command line there are 2 more

1. You instruct linuxbios to attempt to switch to realmode call the
bios and then return to normal.

2. You boot ADLO as a payload and let it run the VGABios.

For option 1 you will have to search the mail archives.  There are
some options you have to enable.
For option 2 you need to read the ADLO payload documentation on the wiki.

Richard A. Smith

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