[LinuxBIOS] Re: topics for linuxbios summit

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Wed Sep 7 03:49:28 CEST 2005

"Lu, Yinghai" <yinghai.lu at amd.com> writes:

> Any thing that we need to prepare?
> 1. dual core: cpu scan in northbridge.c or amd_sibling_init...
> 2. Cache as RAM....
> 3. ACPI: how to create DSDT ( Config.lb + scan to produce AMI directly?)
> Only support _PRT at first step?
> 4. ACPI: SRAT scan pci conf?
> 5. Open Firmware support in Kernel for i386 and x86_64
> 6. OpenEFI or FreeEFI as payload for LinuxBIOS....?

Before we generate ACPI or anything else we need to move the relevant information
into the internal device tree.

> 7. USB ROM eumluator in Linux....
> 8. Serverworks chipset: Who and how?
> 9. CK804 support etc...., Steven from Bench?
> 10. K8 E0 memhole support in raminit.c or northbridge.c?

Worth discussing.  But this has always been very successfully handled
in northbridge.c on Intel chipsets and it works equally well on
AMD chipsets.  The implementation should be in patch 4/16.

11. LinuxBIOS Maintenance.  How can we do better?


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