[LinuxBIOS] LNXI Merge: lnxi-patch-11/16

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Tue Sep 6 22:05:28 CEST 2005

"Lu, Yinghai" <yinghai.lu at amd.com> writes:

> Before cache as ram working, I used fixed size to replace unsigned to
> make sure romcc can compile my in_coherent.c

To the best of my knowledge this is based on a myth of how romcc works.
Explanation already sent.

> Do you have own internal version ROMCC that make use unsigned well....?

No special internal version.  Occasionally minor bug fixes that haven't
propagated up, but I don't think there are any more outstanding romcc
patches right now. 

> I remember that if changed that to unsigned, for four ways system it
> will not be compiled by ROMCC.

Without seeing the output I cannot comment on why it failed for you.  I
recall making and testing that change without problems.

It is fascinating that a comment about how to reduce code size has generated
more discussion than most of the actual code changes.


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