[LinuxBIOS] Epia-M patch

Martin Ley m303 at luusa.org
Fri Oct 28 20:51:09 CEST 2005

Nice work so far. I just applied the patch, followed the instructions in 
Nick's HowTo and flashed linuxbios to my Epia-M10000 (1). The only thing 
I see on the serial console is:

LinuxBIOS- Fr Okt 28 19:21:21 CEST 2005 starting...
 Enabling mainboard devices

I used the default epia-m Config.lb (attached) with filo. Loglevel is 8. 
The board has 256MB of single sided DDR memory.

Should I increase the loglevel to 9 to get more information? Or any 
other ideas?

One thing I don't really understand in the HowTo is, that you change:

 >          cat fallback/linuxbios.rom > linuxbios.rom
 >        to
 >             cat /video.bios.bin fallback/linuxbios.rom >linuxbios.rom

in the Makefile. This means, that the video bios is at the beginning of 
the ROM file. Is that correct?

In the next step I have to get the original BIOS back on the chip. Since 
I do not own a Bios-Savior, a friend with a programmer has to do this. I 
think he has to know the format of the ROM-File which flash_rom uses 
when dumping the BIOS. I assume this is Intel-Hex Format, right?

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