[LinuxBIOS] Config file dependencies

Li-Ta Lo ollie at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 27 22:29:45 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 14:21 -0600, Li-Ta Lo wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 11:11 -0700, Lu, Yinghai wrote:
> > If CONFIG_USE_INIT == 0, the cache_as_ram_auto.c will be compiled to
> > auto.inc. ---> part of crt0.s---> part of linuxbios_rom
> > 
> > If CONFIG_USE_INIF == 1, the cache_as_ram_auto.c will be compiled to
> > auto.o and be linked with memcpy.o....and auto.o and memcpy.o --->
> > init.o
> > And init.o ---> part of linuxbios_rom...
> > 
> Is there any reason we need two different ways to do it? If both of them
> are as good, can we drop one and support just the other?
> BTW, after reading your patch, I found there is very little difference 
> between auto.c and cache_as_ram_auto.c. Most of the differences are in
> the included files, can we merge auto.c and cache_as_ram_auto.c?

Talking about merging auto.c and cache_as_ram_auto.c, you are using 
#define __ROMCC__ to choose different definitions of device_t. I don't
thing it is the right way to do it. Instead, we should use another
macro for this (__ASSEMBLY__ or __PRE_SDRAM__)?

Li-Ta Lo <ollie at lanl.gov>
Los Alamos National Lab

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