[LinuxBIOS] Mainboard MSI-6330

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 23:09:22 CEST 2005

> I'm new to LinuxBIOS.
> I think  sb means Southbridge.

Yes.  SB is southbridge.

> I've attached the informations about North- and Southbridge I got from VIA.

> >Are there docs available?  I think I have one of these MBs around here
> >somewhere.

Hmmm... Seems I have a differnt MSI board.  But I see these are only
about 50 bucks on ebay.  And I do have a spare Duron to go in it....

> >>Need someone add via SB support....

The datasheets he sent look sane.  Terse but the basic info appears to
be there.

I looked in the tree and I don't see support for the northbridge.  All
I see is the 8601 and 8623 but his lspci shows VT8363/8365.  Are they

Worries me a bit because I see lots of "Random VIA fixups" messages in
the code.  Looks like there are many undocumented registers that need
to be set.

Richard A. Smith

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