[LinuxBIOS] K8 CAR issue

San Mehat san at google.com
Wed Oct 19 01:59:16 CEST 2005


I've been experimenting with getting the Cache as Ram stuff working with my
experiments, and have run into a puzzling issue relating to XIP.

In amd/cache_as_ram.inc, as soon as the writes to MSR 203 completes, my
system crashes. Using my HDT, it looks like the entire memory image gets all
buggered up as well.

The offending segment of code appears to be:
0008:FFFF7312 B902020000 MOV ECX,00000202
0008:FFFF7317 31D2 XOR EDX,EDX
0008:FFFF7319 B80600FEFF MOV EAX,fffe0006
0008:FFFF731E 0F30 WRMSR
0008:FFFF7320 B903020000 MOV ECX,00000203
0008:FFFF7325 BA0F000000 MOV EDX,0000000f
0008:FFFF732A B80008FEFF MOV EAX,fffe0800
0008:FFFF732F 0F30 WRMSR <--------------- POW...

In my Config.lb <http://Config.lb>, XIP options are:

default XIP_ROM_SIZE=65536

Any ideas YH? ;)


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