[LinuxBIOS] Bios Question

Art Fore art.fore at comcast.net
Wed Oct 12 00:54:43 CEST 2005

We have two machines with AMD 64 processors, one with Asus motherboard & 
Via chipset. Another with Asus motherboard with Nvidia chipset. On the 
one with the Via chipset using WinXP, when an external interrupt is 
received from a stargen chip, it takes 8 microseconds for the response 
to the interrupt. On the Nvida chipset, it takes 40 microseconds. Both 
machines are running the same program (In house developed driver).

Is this a common occurance between different chipsets? Would LinuxBios 
help this situation any?

The software being developed on .NET will also be ported over to Linux 
using Mono in the near future (Suse Linux).


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